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I know how hard it can be to stay organized. Life is just too hectic, and we have to juggle more and more these days: home, work, children, hobbies, fitness classes, children's classes - not forgetting about our social life! 😉

Love It So - Busy Life

Best Value Home & Holidays Shopping Solutions for Busy People

Sometimes it gets so busy that we become stressed, and stress is not good for health! I've been there. When we do too much day after day we become exhausted - and less efficient! We cannot think straight at the end of the day, and it interferes with our sleep and how the next day goes.

My solution to the overwhelm has been to organize myself as much as I can and look for shortcuts to what needs to be done. When I can find someone to do my windows or cut my grass, I do it. This takes some pressure off my shoulders and gives more time for me to spend with my family and doing what I like.

I have set this site up with my own solution to an overwhelm in mind. Shopping can be enjoyable to some and a chore to others - simply because looking for and finding what we need can take quite a bit of time. It takes a lot of my time for sure!

So I've decided to create a solution for people who have too much on their plate and cannot spend a lot of time browsing for a child's friend's birthday present, a new set of curtains for a bedroom or a strimmer for the garden to replace a broken one.

If you are this busy person juggling lots of things in your daily routine, then this site is meant to help you find great value buys, the best of what's available online. Outsourcing tasks is such a great idea!

My goal is to create a database of the best value items for your personal use, your family, home, garden and holidays in order to help you save your time looking for them elsewhere. And I do have a 'nose' for bargains and nice things!

Browse through the tabs above, see what you can find, read the short snippets of the features of a product you are looking for, ask questions. I am here to help you!


Galina St George

Love it so - website

P.S. I work on adding new products to the site all the time, so please keep coming back!