Multocolor Clay Charm Making Kit for Children

Multocolor Clay Charm Making Kit for Children

Kids love making things and getting their hands dirty, and this Multicolor Clay Charm Making Kit for Children is such a great way to develop their creativity and keep them busy (and quiet!) for hours on end.

It includes 9 clay colors, a shaping tool, a glaze and brush to apply it with, charm loops, jump rings, 2 drying tools and a detailed instruction book on how to use the set. It is listed as a winner of two awards - Parents' Choice Award and Family Fun Toy of the Year. There is enough material to make 35 pieces with.

Although it is recommended for children aged 8 plus, I can't see a reason for it not to be used by teenagers or even adults.

What I love about this set is that it is so versatile in its applications. I can see it being used to make not only charms but also Christmas decorations. And with the whole family involved can you see how much fun everyone can have working of a joint project or even having a competition for the most beautiful or funniest charm? ;)

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