Supersoft Light Sherpa Style Christmas Theme Blanket

Supersoft Light Sherpa Style Christmas Theme Blanket

I've just been looking for some curtains and have come across this stunning Supersoft Light Sherpa Style Christmas Theme Blanket which made me think about a wood fire, a really comfortable old sofa and a glass of gluhwein and my favourite book in my hands to read until I am ready for bed.

The wine, khaki, beige and charcoal colours are in harmony with each other forming a pattern of their own on each of the stripes which go across. There are deer, something that looks like footsteps on the snow (Santa's?) and other geometric patterns on the fleece outside and an amazing beige sherpa microfiber lining on the inside to keep you warm and snuggly through the night.

Although this particular pattern belongs to the festive season I would gladly use it throughout the year, and if you aren't keen on the Christmas theme there are other styles that could suit your taste. You could use it in your sitting room or a bedroom when it gets chilly at night. Or how about wrapping up in it in front of the TV watching your favourite program?

I love this wonderful piece because it just screams softness and comfort combined with lightness and beauty. It can be used in your sitting room or bedroom. And if you think about someone special it will make such an amazing present for the person you love! :)

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