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How to Make a Mini Winter Wonderland for Christmas

How to Make a Mini Wonderland Zen Garden

If you like miniature fairy gardens then you'll enjoy watching this video which shows how to make a mini Winter Wonderland for Christmas as much as I have. And if you have a creative bone in your body you'll be busy planning it out in no time.

We are approaching Christmas now, and this project is just wonderful not only as a decoration but also if you enjoy meditating since you can sit and draw with the rake on the "snow" for hours.

Four Fast and Cheap Ways to Decorate a Room for Halloween

Four Fast and Cheap Ways to Decorate a Room for Halloween

I've written this post to describe four fast and cheap ways to decorate a room for Halloween. It's not just little kids who celebrate Halloween. Teenagers and even adults get involved in the fun too. To be honest, I am not a big fan, but my 21-year old son loves it, and for the first time we've decided to get into the holiday spirit together by decorating our garden and his bedroom. He's inviting his friends over, so we are now gathering ideas on how to do it cheaply and without too much money being spent. Here's a brilliant video with four simple ideas which I am sure many of you will love and use.

How to Make a Mini Fairy Garden for Home and Outdoors

How to Make a Mini Fairy Garden for Indoors & Outdoors

This post is about how to make a mini fairy garden for home and outdoors.

As children, my sister and I used to create our own pretty little things called "secrets". We would collect all sorts of flowers, glass, foil, pretty pebbles and buttons. We would put them into a little hole in the ground, arrange and cover it all with a large piece of glass and soil. These were our own creations we used to show off to each other and when angry - even destroy when we would find out where the "enemy" had hidden their little "secret".

A child in us never dies, and I guess watching the video about making a fairy garden brought back sweet childhood memories!