How to Make a Mini Fairy Garden for Home and Outdoors

How to Make a Mini Fairy Garden for Home and OutdoorsThis post is about how to make a mini fairy garden for home and outdoors.

As children, my sister and I used to create our own pretty little things called "secrets". We would collect all sorts of flowers, glass, foil, pretty pebbles and buttons. We would put them into a little hole in the ground, arrange and cover it all with a large piece of glass and soil. These were our own creations we used to show off to each other and when angry - even destroy when we would find out where the "enemy" had hidden their little "secret".

A child in us never dies, and I guess watching the video about making a fairy garden brought back sweet childhood memories!

Supplies Needed

White Round 8.75 Inch Ceramic Planter Bowl with Hole for Oudoors and Indoors

Rot Resistant Potting Soil Mix for Cactus and Succulent Plants

3. Succulent plants
2. Bonsai tree
3. Moss & twigs
4. Tiny objects you can find to decorate the garden - a little wooden house, colored buttons, people, ducks, hedgehogs, mushrooms, wine corks etc.
5. Pebbles
6. Colored sand
7. Large smooth stones.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Fill the planter with the potting mix.
2. Make a hole for the Bonsai tree, take it out of a pot and plant it.
3. Place the little house where you want it.
4. Plant the succulents.
5. Create borders of the "lake" with little pebbles.
6. Arrange rock, sand and moss in the background.
7. Make a pond with pebbles and blue sand.
8. Put some miniature ducks on the lake "water".
9. Make playground objects with twigs.
10. Put some more objects around, as on the video or whatever takes your own fancy.

This is an easy and enjoyable project which kids will love to be involved in. It will provide hours of entertainment for them and you if you enjoy gardening and dreaming. It is also a great way to develop creativity in your children and have them look after their little creation. You can keep it outside or inside. Whether it is for you or for your children, give it a try! I know that I will. :-)

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