How to Make a Simple Work Bench for DIY Projects

How to Make a Simple Work Bench for DIY ProjectsIn today's post, I will describe how to make a simple workbench for DIY projects.

Doing things by hand, making own furniture is seen as pretty cool these days. Some of my friends enjoy the hobby, and to some, it's a full-time business.

I have a lot of respect for my female friends who aren't afraid to make their hands dirty. One of them has recently made a standing desk!

Having trawled Youtube I've found this wonderful video with very clear instructions, and I hope you'll find it helpful.

Supplies Needed

Professional Durable Razor Sharp Hand Saw with Non Slip Handle

Right Angle Clamp and Vise for Woodworking

Drill with drill and screw bits
Measuring tape
Long screws
Square for woodworking
Woodworker clamp/vise
Woodworker glue
Laminated pine for the top - 120cm x 60cm
7 pinewood pieces 120cm x 3cm x 9cm (more if you want to make shelves)
File or sandpaper.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Cut 2 x 54cm pieces from 1 x 120cm wood piece to make the width of the frame, file the edges with a file or sandpaper.
2. Put some glue on the ends of the short pieces, attach the long pieces to them and connect with the corner clamps.
3. Drill some priming holes and drive in 2 screws in all the 4 corners to connect the wood pieces for the frame.
4. Cut the legs from 2 x 120cm wood pieces to the height you need.
5. Connect the legs to each corner of the long part of the frame, secure each leg with the angle clamps (do it in turns if you only have one clamp).
6. Drill some priming holes and drive in 2 screws to connect the legs with the bench. Use the glue on each leg part connecting to the frame before you drill in the screws - in order to make the structure stronger.
7. Mark the length of the top with the ruler and pencil and cut it with the saw to fit the size of the frame.
8. Secure the top to the frame with the clamp.
9. Make holes at even spaces (about 10 cm away from each other) with the countersink bits to make sure that the screws are placed below the surface of the bench top.
10. Secure the top to the frame with screws.
11. File off the rough edges.

I think that this is a simple project with easy to follow instructions which anyone can do. Maybe you are a beginner, and it may take more than the promised 60 minutes (I am sure it will in my case!). Still, it's straightforward and with a bit of practice will make a great start for a beginner DIY enthusiast who wants to learn about woodworking and making things for themselves!

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