Four Fast and Cheap Ways to Decorate a Room for Halloween

Four Fast and Cheap Ways to Decorate a Room for HalloweenI've written this post to describe four fast and cheap ways to decorate a room for Halloween.

It's not just little kids who celebrate Halloween. Teenagers and even adults get involved in the fun too. To be honest, I am not a big fan, but my 21-year old son loves it, and for the first time we've decided to get into the holiday spirit together by decorating our garden and his bedroom.

He's inviting his friends over, so we are now gathering ideas on how to do it cheaply and without too much money being spent. Here's a brilliant video with four simple ideas which I am sure many of you will love and use.

Supplies Needed

White Plug In 49 Feet Christmas Lights for Inside Use

Metallic Warm Silver Paint 6 Ounces

3. Rose gold paint
4. Paintbrushes
5. Pumpkin
6. Medium-size jar with lid
7. Cheesecloth
8. Paper
9. Paper cutter
11.Moving eyes
12. Black alphabet stickers
13. Craft glue
14. Candles
15. Black paint
16. Scissors
17. LED lights
18. White paint
19. Black paper sheets
20. String.

Step by Step Instructions

Project 1 - Paint a Pumpkin

1. If you want you can paint a pumpkin as it is. Alternatively, clear out the inside of a pumpkin cutting off the top and the bottom.
2. Paint it with the metallic warm silver paint using a brush. Let it dry.
3. Paint in stripes over the first coating using the rose gold (or copper) paint. Let it dry.
4. Put a candle inside to create a glowing pumpkin effect.

Project 2 - Christmas Light Bat

1. Find an image of a bat a black online, put 3 into 1 x A4 page of a Word document (or whichever program you are using).
2. Print out a few pages (depending on the number of bats you want).
3. Cut each one out with scissors or paper cutter.
4. Make a little cross cut in the middle - big enough to go through a string of Christmas lights.
5. Thread the bats at equal spaces and hang where you want the decoration to be.

Project 3 - Mummy Mason Jar

1. Take a small or medium size jar
2. Put some glue all over it.
3. Cot some cheesecloth into strips.
4. Apply glue all over the jar.
5. Wrap the cheesecloth around it in a few layers.
6. Apply more glue on the cloth.
6. Put a couple of the different-size moving 'eyes' on it.
7. Put LED lights or a candle inside and light them up in the dark.

Project 4 - Ghost String

1. Put some white paint on your hand with a paintbrush.
2. Make a print on paper.
3. Do it 5 times. You will end up with 5 handprints.
4. Cut out all of the handprints roughly following the edges after the prints have dried up.
5. Cover the black "holes" on 3 prints and put the letters to make the word "boo" on them.
6. Take the dots from the "j" letters and use them as eyes on the other two. The unpainted "mouth" and the eyes make a scary face.
7. Make a hole in the top of each print.
8. Put them through a string and arrange on a wall with the scary faces on the sides.

These four projects are quite easy to make but for very young children I'd suggest making it a joint effort with an older child or an adult. Not only it is great fun to make - doing it will save you quite a bit of money. Also, imagine taking pictures of your decorations and posting them on social media to boast to your friends! But the main thing is that it can be a start of a new craft hobby and will keep your kids occupied for hours. Just imagine the squeals of delight when it's all done and glowing in the dark! ;)

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