How to Make a Mini Winter Wonderland for Christmas

How to Make a Mini Winter Wonderland for ChristmasIf you like miniature fairy gardens then you'll enjoy watching this video which shows how to make a mini Winter Wonderland for Christmas as much as I have. And if you have a creative bone in your body you'll be busy planning it out in no time.

We are approaching Christmas now, and this project is just wonderful not only as a decoration but also if you enjoy meditating since you can sit and draw with the rake on the "snow" for hours.

While I was watching, I also thought of other things I would add to it, like glitter. I'd also paint the little house to make it look more real. And there are other things I'd probably add to it little by little.

Supplies Needed

Hot glue gun kit with sticks

Forest green yarn

3. Cardboard for the little cottage
4. Scissors
5. Pencil
6. Craft glue
7. Red nail polish (for the door)
8. Seed bead (door handle)
9. White acrylic paint
10. Small paint brush
11. Large box lid (garden base)
12. White fine table salt (snow)
13. Green yarn (thick wool)
14. Wooden skewers for 4-5 trees
15. Toy car
16. Bowl
17. White flour
18. School glue
19. A piece of orange paper (snowman's nose)
20. Black marker pen
21. Teaspoon
22. Red felt (scarf)
23. Lollipop
24. Transparent plastic cup
25. Plastic paperclip
26. E6000 glue
27. Plastic sparkly beads (decorations)
28. Cutter.

Step by Step Instructions

The House

1. Take a piece of corrugated cardboard.
2. Cut out 2 front panels, a door and a roof.
3. Glue the panels and the roof together. Let them dry.
5. Paint the door with the red varnish. Let it dry.
6. Stick the bead to the door.
7. Put hot glue on the roof of the house, make it overflow to form "icicles". Let it dry.
8. Paint the roof with the white acrylic paint.

Garden base

1. Pour the salt into the base to make it look like snow.
2. Stick the garden in the corner.
3. Sprinkle the salt over the roof.


1. Fold the pieces of yarn several times around 2 fingers (tree branches).
2. Tie them in the middle.
3. Cut them through to fluff them up.
4. Stick 2-4 yarn pieces through the skewers to make different size trees.
5. Trim them to form a tree shape.
6. Stick the plastic beads on the trees.
7. Put the trees around the house.


1. Any toy car - buy or borrow from your kids.
2. Glue a tree on top.


1. Mix some white flour with school glue.
2. Shape into 2 balls - head and body.
3. Put some glue over the balls.
4. Roll the balls in salt.
5. Let them dry.
6. Stick the ball together using glue.
7. Draw a mouth and some buttons over the snowman.
8. Cut out a nose, glue it together, attach to the snowman's head.
9. Cut out a scarf from the felt.
10. Put it over the snowman's "neck", tie the ends up together.


1. Cut the stick of a lollipop (the handle).
2. Cut a triangle from the plastic cup to form a base. Attach to the handle, let it dry.
3. Cut a red paperclip into 4 pieces with little hooks at the end. Attach to the base, let it dry.
4. When everything is dry, paint with the red nail polish. Let it dry.
5. Use the rake to ruffle up the snow.
6. Roll the car to make traces on the snow.

It seems that it might be difficult, but it is not. There are just a few steps, and it may take some time to have it all finished, especially when you wait for the glue to dry. However, if you follow the instructions as they are listed here you'll realise that it's not hard at all. If you have kids at home you could involve them in doing some of the easier tasks. And when it's done you could add other things to it - whatever takes your fancy! It can become a centrepiece for you and your family for the Christmas season, and all of you could have hours of fun playing with it. I hope you feel like giving it a try! :)

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