How to Make a Nourishing Soil for Cactus and Succulent Plants to Thrive

How to Make a Nourishing Soil for Cactus and Succulent Plants to ThriveToday I've decided to research how to make a nourishing soil for cactus and succulent plants to thrive in and came across the video below which explains it in detail what ingredients are needed to keep these very special plants alive.

I love these beautiful plants and want to have more in my home - some placed in those special things called "terrariums". However, they do require special care. For example, if you think that any soil will do for any plants you have, banish the thought now unless you want your plants to die!

Supplies Needed

Potting Soil for Cactus, Palm Trees and Succulent Plants

Perlite Anticaking pH neutral Soil Conditioner for Cactus and Succulent Plants

1. Black Cinders
2. Small Coco Coir Bricks (a natural substitute for peat moss)
3. Planting Pots
4. Plants
5. Watering Can
6. Strong gardening gloves (unless you don't mind getting spikes in your hands from the cacti).

Step by Step Instructions

1. Using the watering can pour water over a coco brick placed in a bag (start small - you can always do more later).
2. Make sure that the coco brick is well hydrated and expands fully. It should be moist and free from clumps (break any pieces them down with your hands).
3. Add some potting soil to a container (about a quarter of the total volume).
4. Add the same amount of perlite and a two or three handfuls of cinders - depending on the size of the pot you are using.
5. Mix everything together very well making sure there are no clumps - this helps to nourish the roots properly.
6. If the leaves are thick and succulent then the mix can be more gritty since these plants require less water.
7. If the leaves are thin then the soil needs to be less gritty (so less perlite needs to be added) since such plants are more water-dependent than their more succulent relatives.
8. And remember to add some perlite pebbles over the soil when the planting is finished!

I've never realised that soil might be a problem for my plants which are refusing to grow. This video is such an eye-opener! I am glad I haven't started planting my cacti and succulents without having watched this video first. I have a few of them at home and they are as tiny as they were when I bought them a year ago - most probably because of lack of proper care. So this is a great opportunity to try what I've learned. I'd love to have them both in my home and garden. Don't they look so pretty among other plants, or a terrace or wherever you spend a lot of time? These plants have a calming zen-like effect on me. Now that you've learned the tricks of the soil for these lovely plants, why not try it for yourself? ;-)

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