How to Build a Big Custom-Size Office Desk Fast and on a Budget

How to Build a Big Custom-Size Office Desk Fast and on a BudgetIn this post, I am going to show how to build a big custom-size office desk fast and on a budget.

Have I mentioned it yet that I love a lot of space on my desk? The reason is that I have many things I need to use - like my two laptops (I use two instead of just one when the connection is slow and I need to complete my tasks urgently), papers with notes (I still take notes on paper and print important stuff out just to make sure that I have a backup), books, my essential oils diffuser to help me stay relaxed and focused and all sorts of other big and small stuff I need.

Luckily, we have internet these days, and it provides so many great ideas and inspiration! This video below was such a great find because not only it shows how to make a desk in no time but I've also got some great ideas about using ready-made furniture for the project in order to save time.

Supplies Needed

Compact White Chest of Drawers on Wheels for a Home Office

Adjustable Height and Angle White Trestle Leg with Shelf

1. Three to four long smooth boards (you'll need to measure how wide you want your desk to be and ask the DIY store staff to cut them to the right size unless you are happy doing it yourself).
2. In the second case, you will need a woodcutter or a saw and a sanding block to smooth the rough edges.
3. Short 2" thick planks of wood to put under the boards of the desktop.
4. Tape measure.
5. Screws.
6. Electric screwdriver.
7. White paint (or any other paint you like).

Step by Step Instructions

1. Put the trestle on one side and the drawer set to the other. They will form a support for the desk.
2. Measure the width of the space you want your desk to be (wall to wall or shorter)
3. Cut the boards to the desired width.
4. Cut the wood planks to fit the depth of the desktop. Put them under the boards on both ends (one on the chest of drawers and the other on the trestle) and attach them with screws to the boards to keep the boards together.
5. Paint the top white (or any other colour you like, in which case you may wish to paint the chest of drawers and the trestle - unless you are happy to leave them white).
6. Let it dry.

The desk is ready! ;-)

Wasn't that easy? The main advantage to me is how much time it saves. The other great advantage is that it's custom-made since I wouldn't need to make the chest of drawers - I have it already. I also have a trestle leg on the other end which has a shelf for all the stuff which I may need but which is too big or heavy to fit in the drawers. The desk can be dismantled and moved to another space quite easily. And would you agree that building a custom-made desk could cost a small fortune, and buying one even more? In fact, I am pretty sure that it would be very hard to find a desk to suit my exact requirements at such a low price. Have you always dreamed about your own office and a spacious office desk? Why not give this project a try? ;-)

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