How to Make a Budget Wooden Rectangular Black Table with Hairpin Legs

How to Make a Budget Wooden Rectangular Black Table with Hairpin LegsYesterday I saw a video about how to make a budget wooden rectangular black table with hairpin legs. I've never been a DIY person. Having said that, I've been watching all sorts of DIY programs and some Youtube videos recently and have warmed to the idea.

The project starts at minute 4.16 and ends at minute 6.12. It's a short video, so you may need to watch it a few times. I hope that my explanations will help you with this.

By the way, there are other cool projects in the video which are very simple and wouldn't take long to do, so you might want to check them out too.

Supplies Needed

Four Strong Black Metal Table Legs Made of Three Half-Inch Pins Each

Battery-Charged Lightweight Easy-to Use Variable Speed Electic Drill with Led Light, Bits and Magnetic Wristband

1. Wood
2. Electric drill with screwdriver bits
3. Pencil
4. Ruler
5. Sanding block
6. Glossy paint
7. Waterproofing finish
8. Two paintbrushes.

Step by Step Instructions

1. First of all, if you don't have a drill and screwdriver bits yet - get them. The lady in the video is a pro and doesn't mention them. If you are just starting like I am then you need to remember to get the basics.
2. The wood can be purchased from a DIY store. You will need to measure the size of the desired table first so that you know what size of wood you need to buy. Ask the store to cut it down to the right size or do it yourself if you can. In the video, the wood being used is quite thin.
3. Sand the wood all over to make it smooth on all sides (you don't want splinters in your hands!)
4. Paint it with glossy paint of your choice. The lady in the video used black paint but it can be any colour you like. You will need to paint it two or three times and finish off with a waterproofing finish. Let each coating dry before applying the next one.
5. Using the ruler and pencil, mark where you want the table legs to go - especially the screws.
6. Using the screws which are long enough to be held in place attach the legs on all four sides. You may need somebody to help you hold the legs in place while you are driving the screws into the wood.

Note: if the wood is soft you may be able to get away by using just a screwdriver and screws. However, I wouldn't risk it since you may end up damaging the wood. Besides, you may need a drill with drill bits for future projects, so it's a worthy investment!

If you ask me why I have decided to do this project, I have two answers. First, I need a table for my home office. The table I have is simply too short and doesn't hold more than a laptop and a few other things. I love a decent amount of space when I work. The second reason is the simplicity of the task. I wanted to make it because it looked so easy, and with my desire to get into DIY it was an ideal thing to start with.

And I have another very personal reason - vanity! My mother always praises my sister for her DIY skills. I wanted to say to her - I've made a table, all by myself! I know it's childish, but we all have a child in us who keeps egging us on to do something we can be proud of - and brag about it to our loved ones. Would you agree? ;-)

I love this table not only for the speed and simplicity of making it but also for the versatility of what it can be used for. In my case, I need it for my office. I would still need to buy a little drawer unit for papers, bits and pieces to put under the table. However, I can also see it as a coffee table (with shorter legs of course), a craft table for kids or even a dining table! Perhaps you need an extra kitchen bench? Your imagination is the limit at deciding where you want it and what you want it for! And doesn't it look elegant? I can only say - give your DIY skills a try! ;-)

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