Four Nautical Design Cotton Pillow Cases

Four Nautical Design Cotton Pillow Cases

These Four Nautical Design Cotton Pillow Cases made me look at them twice because of the bright turquoise colors and the beautiful sea creatures on them. I thought how they would brighten up a plain color scheme of any room (for example, beige).

Made of environmentally-friendly cotton linen, they have a different sea creature per cushion - a sea turtle, a seahorse, a whale and octopus. There is a zip fastening for an easy wash too.

Set on a natural background with blue colored inhabitants of the ocean, they look like little pieces of art which will liven up any place they are laid in - be it a sitting room, a patio or even an office.

These are my favourite because they look bright and soft at the same time easily creating a sense of harmony with the rest of the room decor. Looking at them I can dream and meditate - remembering the good times I've spent on the seaside!

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