Large Hand Carved Indian Rosewood Jewelry Box

Large Hand Carved Indian Rosewood Jewelry Box

I've just been looking for a birthday gift for my friend and this large hand-carved Indian rosewood jewelry box seems like a perfect item for her trinkets. Made in the traditional artisan Indian style with an intricate floral design, it must have taken a lot of time to create.

It's dark brown (made of rosewood), rustic, with an intricate floral design both on the top and the bottom with amazing attention to detail (I wonder how long it took the artist to make it?). The inside is laid out with red velvet. The size is quite generous at 10 x 6 inches on the outside and 11 x 7 x 2.2 inches on the inside, so there is plenty of room for the trinkets.

I think that it's most suitable for women of all ages - your wife, sister, mom, grandmother will appreciate this beautiful object and will be proud to keep it on their dressing table.

I love the originality of design combined with the practicality of this beautiful thing. Christmas is not too far away, but if your mom's birthday comes first, she will be more than happy with such a wonderful gift.

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