Holographic Spinning Disc and Mirror

Holographic Spinning Disc and Mirror

This Holographic Spinning Disc and Mirror is one of those things which don't have any practical use apart from keeping one entertained to the point of being hypnotized.

It contains a 9-inch concave mirror base, a circular rotating 3-inch steel disc and 9 pieces of magnetized holographic foil. It speeds up, with a whirling sound, reflections and light. Is it really turning faster or is it an illusion?

It doesn't matter that you are an adult - you'll love it just like I do, and so will your kids. With the holidays not that far away, it will make a wonderful Christmas gift for your loved ones, providing them with hours of entertainment.

What I love about it is that apart from what it does it's got lots of sparkle in it. Imagine how much fun it will bring to those who play with it! Having said that it has no practical use, I must correct myself - it does. It will bring lots of joy and relaxation to those who receive this lovely gift.

The spinning disc not cheap, so I am putting it into the adult gifts category, but I am sure that it will be shared by all in the family!

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