Microfleece Multi Pattern Thick Throw Blanket

Microfleece Multi Pattern Thick Throw Blanket

I've just seen this Microfleece Multi Pattern Thick Throw Blanket which is part of the exquisite Vera Bradley range. With the onset of chilly evenings, this find is more than timely! It proves once again my observation that when I think of something I start seeing it everywhere as has recently been the case with warm blankets!

What attracted me to it most is a large variety of joyful colorful patterns - something to brighten even the dullest of winter days, and to please any taste. Even by looking at the pictures it's easy to see how soft and warm they are. The size is 50 x 80 inches, which I think is generous.

Whether you'd like to use it on your bed or sofa, you won't be disappointed. Alternatively, it can also be a memorable gift to a family member or a friend for Christmas or a birthday. You can choose from a variety of patterns and thickness, at a price to suit your budget.

I love all things fleecy and have a lot of throws at home, but can a woman who loves being warm have enough of such things? Remembering the cold of last winter, I'd say not!

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