LED Flame Solar Powered Waterproof Garden Lights

LED Flame Solar Powered Waterproof Garden Lights

This set of stunning LED Flame Solar Powered Waterproof Garden Lights is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to either entertain guests at a garden party or to simply illuminate dark paths at night.

The six large metallic finish wine glass shaped waterproof lights have horizontal slots on the sides. The flickering fire inside is made of tiny LED beads powered by rechargeable batteries which keep the "fires burning" for up to 10 hours - enough for the longest of parties in any weather conditions!

While they can be left in the garden all year round, I'd keep them for special occasions like birthdays and holidays, and with Christmas not too far away, let them light your garden path or put them in front of your house to create that special celebratory atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy!

I love the fact that the lights can be used on various occasions, are charge without a hassle (you just need to keep the switch on), are sturdy and really easy to install. And if you have a big garden all you need to do is buy an extra set!

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