UV Flashlight Urine and Insect Detector

UV Flashlight Urine and Insect Detector

This UV Flashlight Urine and Insect Detector is an irreplaceable item in situations where no matter how hard you look you just cannot find where that ghastly smell is coming from. If like in my case, your house is carpeted and you have a pet (or a little child learning to use the toilet) in the house, you'll definitely want to check it out!

Unlike other similar devices, it covers a large area, so once you turn it on in a dark room it won't be difficult to locate the area where the offensive smell is coming from. Having 51 LED lights inside, it only uses 2 AA batteries which I believe is rather economical and being made of aluminium makes it durable.

Being sensitive to all bodily fluids, the light can be used to inspect carpets, beds and other places in the house in order to find where the offensive smell that has been driving you mad for days is coming from.

And here's an extra feature which I think is rather cool - if your home is infested with bed bugs, ants or cockroaches or you live in an area where poisonous insects like scorpions are a common occurrence, this light is just what you need to stay safe and insect-free!

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